I just fell in love with long exposure photography. By capturing an image for 5 to 10 minutes rather than a fraction of a second, this technique bring a completely new approach of time and reality.

Strange reflections at La Defense. L'Arc de Triomphe, 6min exposure, everything disappears except stone. Long exposure photograph of waves at le Phare du bout du monde.

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My interest in making music has been to create something that does not exist that I would like to listen to. I love to enter the flow state producing music in the studio or playing with my friends.

Quick Dowloads

Indie games

Darkfate (17,9Mo) Windows
HyperCube (5,1Mo) Windows
Manage City (2,8Mo) Windows

Indie Games

I used to make indie games. Here are the ones I'm proud of.

Darkfate (2010)

Free Download (17,9Mo) Windows

A small exploration indie game. The game was developed in 2 weeks for the Clickteam and GameBuilder 2010 Twenty Event competition, which restricted the number of lines of code participants could use to build their games. Darkfate placed second in the contest.

Over 50k downloads - appeared on, PC Zone and "250 indie games you must play" book.

About: Darkfate is an exploration platformer that follows Chris Freeman, a man whose memory has failed him. He has no idea why he's wandering around a snowy mountainside in freezing weather and decides to venture into nearby caves to seek out answers. During his odyssey, he keeps a record of his thoughts in a journal.

After only a short while, Chris finds out how he got where he is, and when he does, the story takes a bizarre and twisted turn. Throughout play, Chris continues to remember events from his past and slowly he pieces together what he has seen. If Chris falls down a hole or drops too far, his journey will end, but the game will also tell you that this is not his destiny and places him back in the last area he was in.

HyperCube (2005)

Free Download (5,1Mo) Windows

This is my very first game! Quite simple but very hard. Beat the HyperCube through 50 levels. Save your progress each 10. Only a few people beat the game, will you?

Game of the week winner on DailyClick and nominated to the Game of the year competition.

Manage City (2010)

Free Download (2,8Mo) Windows

Build your City and make your people happy. Easy to say, hard to do! The game has no real ending but if you want some challenge, try to make 25k points before the 5th year.